Why study @ Marcellin Technical College?

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Why study at MTC?

There are five major benefits to finishing your schooling at Marcellin Technical College.

1. Real-world subjects

The best way to learn is to see how what you’re learning relates to what you want to achieve, at least that’s what our students tell us. We offer real-world subjects  that will also develop your skills beyond the technical nature of your trade and you’ll be learning business and life skills but in the context of making yourself more employable.

2. Integrating your SACE and start your career

As tradespeople for the future, students will require induction to Small Business Management, which provides essential small business management and entrepreneurial skills to be an effective employee or employer. Projects that are covered in Small Business Management are quoting, costing, business planning, quality control, customer service, marketing and business ethics.

IT skills are integrated into the learning, with practical applications and exposures to trade skills such as Computer Aided Drafting as an example. To continue the focus of hands on applied SACE, students are also involved in a personal project of their choice that can gain additional SACE credits.

It’s great to know as well, that all on the job and off the job training you undertake as an Australian School-based Apprentice all contribute to your SACE through the Vocational Studies and SSABSA VET components.

3. Earning money while you learn

Because Marcellin Technical College is so different to a ‘traditional’ school, you’ll also be earning while you learn – giving you a headstart financially to your trade career. The way we’ve structured the apprenticeship means you finish Year 12 and will be paid a wage while you’re learning through your apprenticeship!

4. Pathways to a trade, TAFE or University – whichever you want!

It’s a smart move to keep your options open. Studying at Marcellin Technical College gives you options for your career   to be a tradie, run your own business or going to University. You’ll be completely your SACE qualifications as you go, giving you the opportunity to take up further study down the track – either at TAFE or at University. And having your Year 12 to fall back on is a good safety net to have.

5. Led by industry

Marcellin Technical College is led by business for business. Our governing board is made up of industry leaders – setting us apart from other schools and apprenticeship schemes. We are able to access a wealth of industry experience to develop the best way to get students into a trade career.

In addition, the College is supported by a large number of key partners and Industry Advisory Teams within the southern region. They all provide valuable ‘real world’ input into the educational and training program. This results in our SACE program being designed with an Australian School-based Apprenticeship in mind.

We’ve set up our curriculum  according to the compulsory requirements to achieve the South Australian Certificate of Education but we also provide integrated and hands-on learning that are all related to your trade choice.

It’s the best of both worlds.