How does it work?


Students come to Marcellin Technical College for Year 11 and Year 12 to complete their secondary schooling.

This is the program.


SOME TECHNICAL SCHOOLS have you more in the classroom than on the job. Not us.

In Year 11, you’ll be doing a lot of work to get ahead in your South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) but you won’t be studying the same old subjects as everyone else in other schools. Well, you will, but it won’t feel like it. You’ll be doing English, but applying it in the workplace rather than reading Shakespeare or Maths, but applying it to your trade. You’ll be applying your knowledge immediately, rather than wondering what relevance it has.

You’ll do a lot of your Year 11 and 12 schooling in the first year with the guidance of mentors, leaving Year 12 to focus more on your trade education and finalising your SACE.

Workplace Practices
The subject 'Workplace Practices' is integrated into the curriculum and develops your skills beyond just the technical ones. You’ll learn about how to research, evaluate your efforts, perform well in interviews and establish career goals.

This is a key part of finding out what you’re good at. In ‘Try-a-Trade’ you get a taste of individual trades in a work context to understand what actually goes on.

If you like it, great! If not, you can always try something else.

Work experience
Work experience is another way of developing your skills in particular trades. But we’ve found it’s also a very important way to build up your contacts and networks. Many previous students have found apprenticeships at the places they did work experience.

Finding an apprenticeship
Finding an apprenticeship is something we do together with you, but you take the lead. It’s the student’s responsibility to find an apprenticeship, but we will support you, provide you with the right information and connect you into the workforce.


STUDENTS IN YEAR 12 who secure a school-based apprenticeship will rarely be on campus. These students work most of the time with their host employer, negotiate training blocks through the Registered Training Organisation and spend some time on campus to complete their SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education). The unsigned Year 12 students will continue to do their Certificate III training, their SACE and will undertake extensive work placements in pursuit of an apprenticeship.

Then what?
Once you’ve completed Year 12, you complete the final part of your apprenticeship as a full-time employee and then it’s primarily up to you. Most apprentices stay on and their career takes off!

And that’s where one of the key benefits of studying at Marcellin Technical College kicks in. You’ve now got options. With Year 12 completed, SACE in the bag and an apprenticeship underway you can take on further study, such as continue training at MTC Training or head to university.

It’s really up to you!