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What is Marcellin Technical College?

Marcelling Technical College is a co-educational Catholic Senior Secondary Technical College specialising in the delivery of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) alongside a trade/vocational training program.

We specialise in developing programs for students who wish to complete their SACE while working towards an Australian School-based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBAT/ASbA) and completion of their apprenticeship/traineeship post school.

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Who is best suited to attend Marcellin Technical College?

  • Those who are passionate about gaining a trade qualification alongside their SACE.
  • Those who want to study and gain skills in an environment that is designed to build their skills and ensure that they are work ready before they finish school.
  • Those who are looking for a more adult learning environment, while still experiencing the support of a Catholic school.

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What qualifications will I get at Marcellin?

Marcellin students graduate with the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and Certificate II in a chosen trade. Students who obtained a School-based Apprenticeship towards the end of their first year (Year 11 Stage 1) or during Year 12 also complete some Units of Competency of a Certificate III related to their apprenticeship/traineeship.

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How many normally timetabled lessons are missed to undertake your Trade Training program?

At Marcellin the training program is an integral part of the whole learning experience. Therefore there are NO lessons to catch up on because a student is involved in trade training, unlike a mainstream school.

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How many students gain School-based Apprenticeships while enrolled at Marcellin?

Since 2007, half of the students enrolled at Marcellin Technical College have commenced a School-based Apprenticeship whilst still enrolled at school. Most of the remainder go on to commence apprenticeships in the months following graduation.

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How much work placement is part of the program?

At Marcellin pre-apprenticeship students undertake a minimum of five weeks work placement as part of their program.

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Does the College provide assistance in finding a work placement?

Searching for a work placement is part of the skills that you will develop as part of the program at Marcellin. However, Teachers, Trainers and Industry Consultants provide support and assistance throughout this process.

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How do I get a School based-Apprenticeship?

Our program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to secure a School-based Apprenticeship through their extensive work placement program where students effectively demonstrate their employability skills and already established skills and knowledge as gained through our programs.

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Will I get an apprenticeship/traineeship at Marcellin?

Marcellin Technical College will prepare and assist you to achieve a School-based Apprenticeship through our programs, training, work placement program and industry visits. Experience shows that our program will give you the advantage that you need, but we don’t give you an apprenticeship.

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What happens when I finish Year 12?

Having completed the SACE, your School-based Apprenticeship/Traineeship contract is converted to full-time and recognises the accredited training that has been completed. The remaining length of the apprenticeship is then calculated. Employers may elect to continue your accredited apprentice training with our Registered Training Organisation; MTC Training, on site at the College.

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What are the advantages of Marcellin Technical College?

Marcellin Technical College strives to create a rich and diverse education and training environment, which focuses on developing the ‘whole person’. We offer a comprehensive mentoring program which supports our students as they transition to the world of work.
We seek to create an environment where all feel respected and co-responsible. We are committed to developing a community where each individual student is affirmed in an environment of mutual support and encouragement. Marcellin values positive relationships and partnerships between the College, the home and the workplace.

Our unique program makes it possible for students to commence their trade or vocational training (in their area of interest), and gain employment and be paid while still at school completing their formal secondary education. Our program gives our students a head start to their chosen career while at the same time completing their SACE.

Our commitment to provide training extends beyond the school years and into your apprenticeship once your SACE is completed. Continuing your apprenticeship training with Marcellin Technical College post school is another area that sets the College apart from any other school.

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How and when do I enrol?

All students interested in attending Marcellin Technical College are required to complete an Application for Enrolment. You will then be required to attend an interview with a parent or guardian.

Once we have received your Application for Enrolment we will contact you to let you know exactly when the interviews will take place.

We highly recommend that you come to the College for a tour. The dates of all upcoming Principal’s Tours can be found on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 8186 9700.

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