From the Principal

The team of  Marcellin Technical College is a multi disciplined  team with experience across a wide range of education, training and business sectors.

Characteristics of the team:
Employing the best people, strong community spirit, commitment to high levels of quality and performance and extensive individual experience and strong commitment  to generational change.

Principal Paul Rijken

Mr Rijken was appointed as Principal of Marcellin Technical College in December 2015. He is also a Principal of Cardijn College since 2005.

Mr Rijken was educated in Adelaide completing his teaching studies at the Sturt College of Advanced Education, now Flinders University. He completed his Masters in Educational Management (Flinders) in 1993 and his Masters in Religious Education (ACU) in 2003.  He is currently conducting research in Mathematics as part of his Doctorate studies with Curtin University.

Mr Rijken was a pioneer teacher of Physical Education and Mathematics when Cardijn College opened in 1984.  He is a former board member of the Non-Government Schools Registration Board and he is currently a commissioner of the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools.

In 1993 Mr Rijken was awarded the Gold Medal by the South Australian Institute of the Australian Council of Educational Administration for his post graduate studies in management.  In 2013 he was awarded the Education Leadership Medal by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders in recognition for his work at Cardijn College.

Also in 2013 the Australian Council for Educational Leaders conferred on Mr Rijken an ACEL National Fellowship, recognising his outstanding contribution, not only to Cardijn College, but also Catholic Education SA and the general education sector through his vision, commitment and action orientated leadership.

Mr Rijken has a deep commitment to bring the very best Catholic education provision to young people and families in the Southern Vales.