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Our major training provider is our in-house Registered Training Organisation MTC Training.

Vocational Education Training ( VET) at Marcellin Technical is purposely designed to meet industry needs and places a strong emphasis on practical learning styles, with all training guided by professional and highly skilled staff with many years of practical industrial experience in aspects such as Fabrication and Welding, Construction, Electrotechnology and Mechanical Engineering.

Students throughout the trade and practical learning components are presented with challenges which in themselves encourage teamwork, career direction, build personal confidence and provide an increased awareness of the “world of work”. 

The training delivery methodology used at the college provides a starting point for practical, hands –on careers which allows students to flourish and perform to the best of their ability within the workshop areas with the intention of showing a true measure of an individual’s capability. This is combined with the trade specific learning and assessment strategies which further seek to explore an individual's potential and complement learner's strengths thorough the duration a structured practical learning pathway. 

Training staff are encouraged to explore new methods of reaching practical outcomes, this thinking allows for many communities or college based projects to be undertaken providing students with practical experience, diversity and practical evidence, this is vital for assessment of performance and is used towards achieving the expected standards and outcomes associated with vocational learning. 

For students, this practical approach provides encouragement, opportunity and enjoyment, allowing for an opportunity to excel; this is an ideal that the training staff strives to achieve on a daily basis.