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The questions most employers ask us about taking on an apprentice

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When is the best time to take on an apprentice?
Most employers put on apprentices in the new year (typically January), but in our model, we’ve found a better way.

We encourage employers to take on their new apprentices in July. This means that by January, they’re work conditioned and settled in with you as an almost full-time employee.

How many days a week will I have my apprentice with me?
Many employers have told us that they are frustrated with only having their Australian School-based Apprentice one day a week and four days at school. So we’ve restructured the study load so that Year 11 is a preparatory year, with extensive work experience, trade-related SACE and learning some of the competencies of a first-year apprentice. Students may be signed up as an Australian School-based Apprentice in Year 11 or Year 12, but we’re flexible enough to work with you to negotiate a program that fits your industry and work schedule.

What are the incentives to employers who take on apprentices from Marcellin Technical College?
The Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program has been designed to assist employers who engage apprentices through the provision of financial incentives. By employing an apprentice from Marcellin Technical College, you may be eligible for up to $5000 in incentives including some specific to ASbA. In addition, you could be eligible for a number of special incentives depending upon your industry. Full details are available from Australian Apprenticeships Centre www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au

What if my apprentice doesn't work out?
When you take on an apprentice, they become the responsibility of the employer. We will support apprentices while they’re on the job, but they are working for you. You and your apprentice are bound by the Contract of Training you signed at the start of the apprenticeship and this outlines all conditions, probation periods and protection for both you as the employer and the apprentice. There is also a formal grievance and dispute process which is administered by the SA Government Training and Skills Commission. Our Industry Consultant will commit to offering ongoing support; we are there trying to work things out and avoid situations having to revert to formal processes.

What if I don’t have an opportunity to take on an apprentice, what else Marcellin can do for me?
We don't only train our students in trades though our Registered Training Organisation, MTC Training, but also mentor them through intensive work experience. So if you are interested in providing work placements please contact us on (08) 8186 9700.

Marcellin Technical College is led by Industry for Industry. Our governing board is made up of Industry leaders – setting us apart from other schools and apprenticeship schemes. We try to be aware of all changes that happening in industries to develop relevant knowledge and skills. So if you want to be a part of our community and share your knowledge, there are several ways to do that at our college.
We also have partnership programs that help us to keep in touch with South Australian businesses, support and promote them in the community.

Who should I contact?
For any questions, please contact our Industry Consultants on (08) 8186 9700. They are your point of contact for any employer-related questions. They can also put you in touch with the right Government department, which will save you a lot of time. They’ll be pleased to come out for an on-site, personal visit tailored to your needs. They’ll go through the process, your responsibilities, how we’ll support you and how it will work financially.