Employers have their say

REDARC Electronics - Anthony Kittel

Anthony Kittel with apprentices Liam & Scott

The training our apprentices are getting at the Technical College helps them understand what the workforce is about. We need reliability and it’s more than just education. 

Professionalism is very important and the students are taught that while still at school. And the staff at the college take a personal involvement in each and every one of their students. They know what makes them tick, what drives them and they can give you a lot of insight into the individual. 

My advice? If you get involved in the College and they understand what your business is like, they will help find you someone to fit within your culture and with the right skills.

~ Anthony Kittel, REDARC Electronics

Plympton Steel - Richard Bevan

Plympton Steel 1.JPG

We chose school-based apprentices from Marcellin because they are actually keen to do the job: not any job, anything in fabrication or boiler making. They have quite good knowledge, amazing attitude to work, they want to learn. The best combination for a young apprentice.

Anyone I speak to and they are looking for apprentices, I tell them go straight down to Marcellin.

~ Richard Bevan, Operations Manager, Plympton Steel


Leader Aviation Services - Derek Swadling

Leader Aviation 1.JPG

We need to train people for our industry ourselves. The best way is to take on young apprentices who want to have a career in the trades. They’re very ready to learn and work, they’re easy to ‘mould’ and very flexible. They can bring a lot of benefits to your business.

I’ve been impressed with Marcellin from day one when I came to the college for a tour. The machining workshop is great. I thought for some time that the world stopped training people 20 years ago, but at Marcellin I saw that the students get fundamental training in their trade that will help them to work under any conditions – with their hands or with very modern machinery.

I’d highly recommend other employers look at an ASbA. It gives you an opportunity to ‘trial’ an apprentice on the work experience and after that employ the best candidate.

~ Derek Swadling, Director, Leader Aviation Services

SANTEK - Jamie Dunn

Santek 4.JPG

We’ve got our first school-based apprentice and completely happy with the arrangement. He’s not only trained quite well, but also learning new things quickly as well. The good thing that they get their SACE in addition.

The training at Marcellin is organised a lot better than with other apprentices. More flexible and suitable for the employer and good for an apprentice.

~ Jamie Dunn, Workshop Supervisor, SANTEK

Southern Outboard Services - Chris Treloar

Southern Outboard Services 2a.jpg

It’s really hard to find good young workers these days. An ASbA opens this opportunity offering a work experience beforehand. I really like that you can get to know an apprentice better at the workplace before employing the person.

I’d recommend to try an ASbA to other employers. Marcellin provides a flexible timetable that won’t be an issue for your business and you’ll get a qualified apprentice.

~ Chris Treloar, Owner, Southern Outboard Services

Australian Auto Care - Rob McTavish

Australian Auto Care 2.JPG

Employing an apprentice is always dubious. But it makes it a lot more comfortable when you know what your future apprentice is capable of. The great thing about working with Marcellin is ‘you get to try before you buy’. Students come through for work experience from the college and we get to see what they are like and what their work ethic is before we make a final decision.

~ Rob McTavish, owner, Australian Auto Care

Aldon Cabinet Makers - Peter Young

Aldon Cabinet Makers 2.JPG

We’ve had four apprentices from Marcellin. They came to us with a good general knowledge, knowledge of tools and working environment. It’s great to employ someone early – they’ve got a bit of drive, they’re enthusiastic, usually with physical strength behind them.

~ Peter Young, Factory Supervisor, Aldon Cabinet Makers