How is it different?

Why employ our students as your apprentices?

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Considering an apprentice from Marcellin Technical College will provide your business with a range of benefits above and beyond the usual apprentices.

You may have taken on an apprentice before, but with us – it’s different.

They’re better prepared for the workplace
Most of the employers who have taken on one of our apprentices say they’re better prepared and they know that they want to work in that trade.

Our student-apprentices have been exposed to the workplace while still studying. They know how to handle themselves on a job site. They understand the importance of workplace safety and know what’s expected when they get to the worksite.

Apart from the technical trade skills we teach them, in order to fit in with the culture of your business, our students are also developing:

  • Relevant numeracy and literacy skills
  • Their use of initiative
  • Communication and teamwork skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A professional approach to work
  • Punctuality
  • Willingness to learn
  • A positive attitude

The right training
The training provided at Marcellin Technical College is structured specifically for the technical and the trades. The curriculum has been built on trade principles.

Our South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) course has been designed specifically for Australian School-based Apprentices. But we have taken the traditional school subjects such as English, Mathematics and Australian Studies and reworked them so they have greater meaning and relevance to the Australian workforce. They still satisfy all the requirements of Year 12 studies under SACE, but they are now within an industry context:

  • English focuses on workplace communication
  • Mathematics focuses on maths for industry
  • Health focuses on physical activities, communication, problem solving and persistence
  • Science focuses on the trade principles behind each individual trade

It’s very hands-on. A student’s time in the workshop really pays off because employers can give their apprentice a reasonable amount of responsibility compared to other young people.

Students are only recommended if they are work-ready
When we place a student in an apprenticeship, it’s our reputation on the line. We follow strict criteria when putting forward students – they need to be work-ready according to our high industry standards. The student receives great mentoring support if he or she needs to further develop their employability skills.

Your apprentice is more with you than us
The typical Australian School-based Apprenticeship model sees the apprentice studying four days a week and only one day with their employer. We’ve turned that around, based on feedback from employers. In Year 12, our students spend significant amounts of time working with employers. They return to the College once a week to meet their SACE requirements and complete the negotiated trade training requirements.