When Marcellin Technical commenced operation in February 2007, it was decided that the training and education would focus on preparing students to be apprentices in the workplace with the education contextualised in the trade and the employability skills central to the model. It was also designed to create a powerful link to Industry and its needs.

The first six months of this new paradigm in training and education is committed to the employability formation of the new students by exposing them to demanding team-building exercises, initiatives, problem solving circumstances, self-management and clear communication in tough and demanding surroundings. This formation, we have discovered, has helped develop resilient workers who as young men and women are ready for the demands of the workplace.

The continuing connection with Industry through advisory groups and the fact that our Board members are representatives of Industry underlines the College’s commitment to making our model a cutting edge one that is a nursery feed to employers and continues this important link with Industry.

The Mentoring system at Marcellin offers support in the first two years of an apprenticeship to the employer, often considered the most vulnerable years, by maintaining a form of mentoring in the workplace, in their training, in their education and socially.

The commitment is to provide formation for the student that enables them to confidently pursue a career pathway, while at the same time, providing outstanding benefits to the employer through the development of a well-rounded apprentice.

You might have taken apprentices before, but with us it's different.